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This community, as you can tell, is the WTF?! Fire Emblem 10 community. Run by sorakh28- just like in zomg_fe9, you can use her e-mail for questions, comments or suggestions.

After a few months of recuperation, the land of Tellius is suddently aware of an ancient god by the name of Loki who's... a little miffed. Suddently, doubles from an alternate universe started to pop up. The ones of this world are known as IC, while the ones of the other world are known as OoC.

Loki is also bringing people back to life for shits and giggles, and because he would like to see what the dead people would do with a second chance to life.

Following Loki is a young boy by the name of Skuggi and a little girl by the name of Docka. Skuggi resembles Ike, and Docka resembles Mist. Are they them, or is it just coincidence?

This RP doesn't possess much of a plotline, it's just an interaction RolePlay. However, as you can see above, the only plotline is who is Skuggi and Docka. Mini-plotlines, like in zomg_fe9, happens each two months, and usually involves either a holiday or Loki's chaos.

The Rules of the RP follows very much the rules of zomg_fe9, with a couple of changes, of course:

1. You must be familiar with both Fire Emblem 9 AND Fire Emblem 10. Please know the entire game scripts, to avoid spoilers as well as knowing how to write your character IC. There's no need to know about how the games work.

2. Four characters limited, the limit for OoCs being two. I'd like a bit of balance with the characters- mainly because there needs to be a limit on how many characters people can take, as well as OoC- I don't want to be swarmed with mostly OoCs without many ICs. The only exception to the rule is the mod, but that's because who else can play Loki and Skuggi?

3. This is set post-FE10, and zomg_fe9 never happened. The age is still the same, and endings are probably not done yet. This means you can apply for a new version of any OoC characters. Which brings to the next rule...

4. Due to the nature of this game, there will be things thought of. Mainly, all characters are recruited and it goes with the so-called 2nd playthrough. Also, no one died as well. For FE9 dead people, only the ones in the Person Sorrelation Diagram are allowed to be revived. Oh, and yes, the goddesses are up for grabs.

5. Make sure you know your character when you play IC. I will be very severe about this rule- if you can't play the character correctly, I will have no choice but ask for you to drop down the character for another person to pick up.

6. Do try to be active. Posting once a month will be just fine. If you haven't posted for three months, I will asked you to post at lease something, then after two weeks I will have to make you drop the character. The only exception is midterms, exams, and stuff like medical problems. That I completely understand that life.

7. Respect the other players. I will be REALLY anal about this rule. Your character are allowed to hate anyone they like, but you have to be civil around the people that RPs with you, no exceptions.

8. Please use LJ-Cuts as well as warnings. Some of the muns here are underaged, or isn't interested in reading certain things. Also, we don't like long posts.

9. The rules on NPCs. NPCs can be played by anyone. Who they are are just characters that aren't in the game, and you can just do about anything with him/her/whatever, unlike the characters that are in the game.

10. Yaoi/yuri is accepted in this RP. Don't like, don't play. Simple as that.

11. Have fun. That's why we're playing, aren't we?

Now, stealing from zomg_fe9...

To apply, comment here with the following information:

Name: (nickname or real, doesn't matter)
Character you want: (include whether you want IC or OOC)
AIM name: (most roleplaying is done on AIM. If you don't have a name, you can get one for free.)
Sample journal entry as your character: (please include at least two paragraphs written in first person. This is just so we know that you can write well as the character.)

After being accepted, make a character journal and join this community with it, and then make a post in the community to let the other players know. Also, friend all the other journals with your character journal (this post should help you do that), and friend the community with either your character journal or your personal journal.

The other post you must write is Loki's first post, aka the first page of your journal which is found on this community. This is where you discover what's going on, and you can chat with Loki about many things.

Normal, what-did-I-do-today updates go in your character's journal. Chat logs go in the community.

Taken characters: