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Insanity, Destruction and Chaos!

When IC meet OoC

This is the main area to talk about WTF!FE10. Mod posts, Loki posts and other things are posted here.


December 19th, 2007

Banquet noticed!

Please do not make new threads in the banquet post anymore, as the banquet is done.

November 26th, 2007

Alright, so this is a crack RP, alright? Now, one of the major issues I've had with RPs I've been in was when things go way too dramatic, and slowly I come to lose interest in said RP. Since I'm the mod of this, I don't want you guys to go off and type drama after drama, because it makes me irritated. I wanna see lots of silly things- like an entire page of OoCs quoting Whose Line Is It Anyway, maybe a moment of strip poker, even a karaoke moment started by Loki himself.

In short, please try to find teh funny and teh mundane before resorting to drama. I'm certain not only would it make things enjoyable, but it would give the RP a more laid-back feel. It would certainly make me feel much, much more comfortable.

If you need to talk about this, talk to me via Aim. Just make sure that I am online, thought, because I have another annoucement.

Mod-chan has recently landed a job, so this means not a lot of computer time for her. So I would like to direct you to the AIM chatroom, wtffe10, for all your needs. This way, everyone will be happy! ...Sorry, I'm a little too enthousiastic lately. Eheh.

Thanks for reading! ^^

The Mod

November 14th, 2007

*As always, each special journal has this pop up. Instead of the first one, however, everyone can talk to each other*

Alright, already we've seen progress among you mortals! And Tatsu-kun, can't forget about him as well. Anyway, I have news for you.

First, all of you can filter your post! That's correct, you can tell stuff without worrying about others reading it!

Second, we are to have a special Yule banquet the 15th to the 16th of December! Get your good clothes one, because this is one special thing! This is the perfect time to meet Skuggi as well.

Third, you might wonder who Skuggi and Docka is. Well, I give you hints. Those hints are underlined. Therefor, it's a great idea to look at other people's conversation to get them.

That's all, everyone, you may continue with your daily life.

November 10th, 2007

And the RP begins!

It's the tenth! You know what that means- that means the RP is officially started!

Also, I've decided to make AIM convos much more interesting. When you go on AIM, go on chat and type wtffe10. This is our AIM chatroom. It would make things easier when figuring out normal ideas and stuff. And we can RP stuff there, which would be fun. XD

Alright, let's start off!

November 2nd, 2007

Since this RP is mostly journal-based, we need to friend add.

friend add ancientgodloki
friend add bird_beguiling
friend add brave_vanguard
friend add gawains_pupil
friend add goshujin_sama
friend add ofthesaintly
friend add perky_chosen
friend add queen_ammy_chan
friend add sagacious_crow
friend add tempestaftersun
friend add wingsofhigh
friend add goddess_yune
friend add mahoshojo_yana
friend add elwind_sage
friend add risque_yune
friend add orange_this
friend add deadly_adept
friend add lol_balberith

As your character, post all of these into the admin console, and click on the execute button.

If you did something wrong, replace all add with remove using notepad, then do as suggested above.

November 1st, 2007

WTF!FE10 is scheduled to begin November 10th, exactly five days after its released.

Because the mod is making a Yule banquet mini-plot in ZOMG!FE9, the first mini-plot here will also be a small Yule party provided by none other than Loki himself.

April 14th, 2007

*When you open to the first page of a journal, there's already a note- the same note to each journal.*

Well, hello there, Mortal. It would seem you have picken up a very special journal. If you possess one of these, it can only mean there's a double of yours walking upon this very mortal coil, from another universe in which your personalities are very, very different.

I am the Ancient God of Nature, Loki, and Astartyune's father. Pleased to meet you, Mortal- I will enjoy toying with you a bit, if only out of boredom and the fact you have neglected your true Gods after all these years.

Oh, and I would like to present to you my young friend Skuggi. He's not a talker due to having suffering traumatism, but I hope you can help him find a cure for his little sister, Docka.

Skuggi will use my own journal to speak with you, thought his writting will often be shaky, so I will rewrite it so you know what he is saying.

Thank you for using this journal, Mortal. I hope you will discover more about yourself than you would ever imagine.


*On this post, each person has their very own filter- meaning, they cannot write to other people, and other people can't read what they have written.*

April 13th, 2007

You can start applying for characters now, thought RPing will only start a week after FE10 is out in the Americas.

The format is like ZOMG!FE9-

Character you want:
Sample journal entry:

The info page contains the characters that are already taken.
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